Agility Training - Foundation Level



Indoor Agility Training

Agility training can be a new way to exercise your dog, it can be the next step after you have completed our obedience courses or just abit of fun for you and your dog.

Agility Training - Foundation Level

​All dogs must have completed obedience level 1 or equivalent before commencing this course.

​This course is a 3 week introduction to agility training and will focus on training and perfecting the techniques used in agility training, such as "stay", "down"  from a distance. No agility equipment will be used in this course.




Items you are required to bring with you for your training course: Your dogs collar and a long lead and vaccination records.

You can bring your own treats if you would prefer, otherwise, we have Natures Menu 95 % real meat treats at the centre (highly recommended heathly natural treats). All trainers at our centre use these treats.

Please read our Terms And Conditions for Training Course House Rules.