Dog Daycare  Socialisation Centre


All you need to do:
•Ensure all vaccinations are up to date including the kennel cough vaccination.
•Ensure all male dogs over 6 months are neutered.
•Call us or email us to  get your registration form and to arrange a suitable day and time for your dog's temperament assessment (over 6 months only).
•If your dog passess the assessment, your dog can attend daycare as often or as little as you require. No need for booking in advance.
•A once off fee of €20 applies for the temperament assessment.
​​​Dog daycare is:
​•a convenient place for dog owners to leave their dog during work hours, appointments, shopping trips etc so they don't spend the day home alone.
•​a safe, controlled environment for dogs as all dogs from 6 months of age are temperament assessed.
•run by expert dog trainers using only positve reward based training methods.
•somewhere dogs can attend to play, rest when they choose and then go home tired and relaxed for the evening.
•somewhere dogs / puppies can learn about socialisation and bite inhibition through play with other dogs / puppies.
•run on a day to day basis so once dogs have passed their first day assessment, they can attend as  little or as often as required. No need for booking in advance, simply drop them in and get on with your own day.
•a fun, interactive place for dogs to play with one another and with provided dog safe toys.
•a place where dogs will build their confidence through meeting different dogs each week.
•somewhere where existing dog owner customers have commented they have noticed a huge difference in their dogs reactions to other dogs when out walking with them.
•a place where small and big dogs can be separated for play or they can be mixed together. This will depend on the dogs attending each day.


What do I need to do to get my dog into dog daycare?
•Dogs / Puppies must be fully vaccinated and must have their kennel cough vaccination. Check this with your vet.
•Dogs who have reached sexual maturity must be neutered. This can vary with all dogs but is usually between 6 - 10 months. (There is also the option of temporary neutering should you wish to breed from your dog later on. Check with your vet)
•Fill in our registration form. Contact us at or 091 770 400.
•Puppies up to 6 months of age do not require an assessment prior to attendance.
•Dogs from 6 months of age must be temperament assessed prior to attending daycare. This ensures the safety of all dogs attending and of all staff members. Initial assessment fee for one dog is €20. Regular daycare prices will apply after this.
•After you have completed the registration form and your dog has successfully passed their assessment, you can bring your dog into daycare anytime you wish, no need to make a booking.
•For puppies up to 6 months of age simply fill out the registration form and call us on 091 770 400 to inform us when you will be bringing them in for their first day, no assessment fee applies. After their first day, you can bring your puppy in whenever you wish, no need to make a booking.
​Reasons to bring your dog to dog daycare:
•​​lack of socialisation is the main reason for dog aggression and other common behavioural issues in dogs.
•high energy dogs go home tired and relaxed. A relaxed dog is a well behaved dog.
•dogs learn about bite inhibition from other dogs quicker than any other way.
•you don't ever have to worry again about leaving your dog home alone.
•a well socialised dog is a happy, well adjusted dog.
•other services available at the centre...have your dog groomed during their day at daycare, pick up some dog food on your way home.
Dog Daycare Schedule:
•​​We open from 7.30am to 6.30pm, Monday to Friday and 10.00am to 6.00pm on Saturdays.
•On each dogs arrival they are assigned a drawer for their belongings.
•Dogs are encouraged to play with one another aswell as with the dog safe toys provided.
•We have a morning rest period.
•The Staff play / throw balls for the dogs to chase. This is a huge hit with the dogs. They love it!
•Lunch time is feeding time.
•Videos and photos are taken throughout the day. Check out our facebook page and twitter for daily photos and updates and our youtube channel for daily videos. 
•Playtime continues for the afternoon.
•We have another rest period late in the afternoon.
•Play continues until dogs are collected by their owners.
•Dogs may rest at anytime during the day if they wish.