One2one Training



One 2 one Dog Training Sessions


These sessions are by appointment only Monday to Friday in the centre at a time that suits you best. If you are experiencing an issue with your dog, it may take more than just a single 1 hour session to truely resolve the issue no matter how small.
After each session with your dog trainer you will need to practice what you have learned, return the following weeks to show your progress and to discuss any issues you might have encountered. Unlike on our group training courses, you will have the undivided attention of the dog trainer to discuss any issues you are having with your dog.
Just some of the issues we have resolved for clients:

• separation anxiety
•dog to dog aggression
•dog to human aggression
•fear aggression
•pulling on the lead
•excessive barking
•chewing / damaging furniture
•boundary training (training a dog to stay within a set area even without the use of barriers)
•jumping up
•reactive behaviour
•toilet training
One 2 one sessions cost €50 per hour.
To book call us on 091 770 400.