Puppy Socialisation & Owner Education



Topics Covered On This Course


•Bite Inhibition
•Socialisation - the importance of and the negatives of not socialising your puppy
•Nutrition (appropriate food and how to feed effectively, feeding measurements and foods that are poisonous for dogs)
•Toilet training
•How to give up food & toys
•Leave it
•Introduction to loose lead walking
•Lead aggression and how to prevent it​
•How to deal with mouthing and jumping up
•Crate training
•Dealing with separation anxiety and night time for your puppy
•​Caring for your puppy
•Learning how to inspect their body, teeth, eyes and ears
•Grooming and nail clipping
•​How to deal with fleas, ticks and worms
•We will endeavour to introduce as many experiences as possible that your puppy may encounter - Puppies supervised off-lead play, we will match puppies appropriately depending on their size and temperament, beards, hats, sunglasses, mop and bucket, hoover, children, baby cries, men & women will feed one anothers puppies, recordings of dog daycare and firework sounds.
What you will receive on completion of this course:
•​​All class training notes.
•Notes on all information given during the course.
•A completion certificate for your puppy.
•Discount vouchers for Doggie Daycare Galway - 20% off your puppies first groom, one free day at doggie daycare, 10% off your first purchase in our shop and €20 off your next dog training course.​


Items you are required to bring with you for your training course: Your dogs collar and a long lead and vaccination records.
You can bring your own treats if you would prefer, otherwise, we have Natures Menu 95 % real meat treats at the centre (highly recommended heathly natural treats). All trainers at our centre use these treats.
Please read our Terms And Conditions for Training Course House Rules.