Scent / Sniffer Training




A dog's sense to smell is far superior to a humans, it's their primary sense for exploring and navigating the environment. Dogs "smell" their way around the world the way we "see" our way around it.


In some cases, dogs whose sense of smell has not properly developed or who have not learned to use it to its full potential, can develop issues, leading to a dog that becomes frustrated, distracted, or shut down, or, unfulfilled at the very least.


Our Sniffer / Scent training course will enhance your dog's "Sniffing ability" as well as teach you how to better read your dog's intentions and enhance your communication with each other. Enhancing your dog's sense of smell will strengthen your relationship with your best friend and provides the necessary mental stimulation that helps keep dogs healthy and happy. Teaching your dog scent-detection (to find a specific object or odor) is an excellent way for your dog to build confidence, burn lots of mental and physical energy, while having fun! And the upside is, if you attach a scent to things like your car keys or the remote control your pal can find them for you. :-)


Almost all dogs have excellent noses, therefore, Sniffer classes are perfect for dogs of any age, size, breed-type, or personality.


Because all dogs work on a one at a time basis, this is an excellent class for dogs who are shy, dog reactive, or newly adopted. It's also a great class for dogs that need a lot of mental and physical stimulation and are eager to continue their training. Sniffer classes will build confidence in you dog, especially in new environments, and work around obstacles without the stress of interaction with other dogs.



Items you are required to bring with you for your training course: Your dogs collar and lead and vaccination records.
You can bring your own treats if you would prefer, otherwise, we have Natures Menu 95 % real meat treats at the centre (highly recommended healthy natural treats). All trainers at our centre use these treats.
Please read our Terms And Conditions for Training Course House Rules.
​What you will receive on completion of this course:

•​​All class training notes.
•Notes on all information given during the course.
•A completion certificate for your dog.
•Discount vouchers for Doggie Daycare Galway - 20% off your dog's first groom, one free day at doggie daycare, 10% off your first purchase in our shop and €20 off your next dog training course.​